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My Town Chiropractor

Tell Dr. [Name] your problem… He’ll tell what’s wrong, how he can help and how much it will before you start any care. Click below to reserve your visit.

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If you’re searching for a great ‘chiropractor near me’ or the best ‘chiropractor in your town,’ look no further!

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Who do we help…

Dr. [Name] cares for patients of all ages. You may go because you have aches and pains – or because you want a more natural way to relieve your chronic health problems.

Zone practitioners see a range of conditions – from simple back and neck pain to more complicated organic issues like migraines, allergies, digestive problems, sciatica, disc disease and much more.

What Makes us Different…

Unlike other offices that require appointments, established patients simply ‘drop in’ during normal business hours and are seen first come, first served. You’ll never wait more than 10 minutes to see them either.

Dr. [Name] practices  Zone Technique, achieving great results in the shortest time possible. He doesn’t believe in lengthy treatment plans or unnecessary therapies.

RELIEF in 3 Easy Steps…

Tell Us What's Wrong

What hurts? How long has it been there, and how is it affecting your life.

See How We Can Help

Balancing your Zones can improve how you feel and function.

Start the Healing Process

Join our family of patients who get great results. See our reviews.

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Insurance this Southington Chiropractor Accepts

We participate with:


First visit fees are normally $150 and that Includes Consult, Exam and One Adjustment.

Follow up office visits are $45.

Can I get adjusted day 1?

Yes! If Dr. Rob clearly understands your problem and can safely adjust you, he gladly will on your first visit  – why wait to start the healing process?

Who will work on me?

Dr. Rob has been a Southington Chiropractor since 1994, and he manages everything in the office. So he will provide all aspects of your care.

They don’t have any other associates, and because of this, you’re guaranteed to get Dr. Rob’s hands every time you drop in for an adjustment.

What's a regular visit like?

When you become a regular client, on each visit Dr. Rob will access your Zones and adjust the area’s of your spine most in need of attention.

We do this because when your Zones are balanced, your body will innately do whatever is needed to heal itself.

What is Zone Technique?

Zone Technique is a healing art developed by the late Dr. Thurman Fleet of San Antonio, TX. Results are achieved by balancing Six Functional Zones of your body, via adjustments to specific spinal levels.

Stressed Zones are brought back online – essentially restoring your body’s functions to ‘factory settings.’

Dr. Rob is one of a handful of Chiropractors worldwide, and the only Southington Chiropractor who still practices this art. It’s the secret to his getting such great results, in the shortest time possible.

Why no appointments?

Regular clients are not required to make appointments. They simply drop in for their adjustments during normal business hours and are seen on a first come, first serve basis.

You’ll never receive harassing re-scheduling calls or have to plan your whole day around a doctor’s visit… our patient love that convenience and control over their care.

Check out our Walk-in Visit times.

Will I have to go forever?

It’s true, after achieving their desired results, some clients continue periodic Zone visits to stay in balance – but you don’t have to.

With this Southington Chiropractor the choice is up to you, and you can receive as much or as little care as you feel comfortable with.

When Your Zones are Balanced...

There are only 6 kinds of disturbances that can affect your body – disturbances in your GLANDULAR, ELIMINATIVE, NERVE, DIGESTIVE, MUSCULAR & CIRCULATORY Zones.

Most conditions can be traced to an imbalance in one or more of these Zones. With Zone Technique, Dr. [First name] will balance your stressed Zones and bring your body back to its normal state of health.

quotes oneYou’ll feel the difference as soon as you get off the table… Book your FREE Consult Today!

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My Town Chiropractor

Tell Dr. [Name] your problem… He’ll tell what’s wrong, how he can help and how much it will before you start any care. Click below to reserve your visit.

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