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Is your website losing you patients? Convert more Google searches with a perfect...

Landing Page

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Is Your Website Losing You Patients?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Landing pages are being used by more businesses to convert their online visitors into paying customers. Here are a few good things to know.

Will it get me New Patients?

Yes, expect an average of 8-12 New Patients a month through your landing page (which is more that what your current website is most likely producing)

Based on case averages, the first 2-3 new patients acquired from this program pays for a whole year.

What does it cost?

Month #1 is $479 (includes set up fee) then $249 per month* after that.

*No contracts or commitment requirements, cancel any time.

How much time is needed?

Set ups are on a first paid, first made basis. Once your order is in queue, allow 7-10 business days for your page to be built, proofed and published live.

What if I have a website?

It doesn’t matter if you have an existing website or not. Your landing page will be hosted on with your office name appearing in the extension. Your domin will appear as:

If you have a domain name, we can ‘blind forward’ it to your landing page if desired.

Do I need a domain name?

No you don’t need a domain. We will provide a domain extension for your page. If you already have a domain, we can point it to your landing page for seamless integration.

How do I get New Patients?

Your site will be linked to your office phone or online scheduler. When prospective New Patients from local Google searches are drawn to your content, they simply

  1. Click your CTA button,
  2. Connect with your office,
  3. Book their appointment.

Since over 45% of web searches are done on mobile devices, our one page design puts your CTA button right up front where they can’t miss it.

What about online scheduling?

If you already have online scheduling, your landing page CTA button can be coded to it so prospective clients can continue reaching you 24/7.

If you don’t currently have online scheduling, we have upgrade options. Contact us for more details.

Can I link my site to it?

Yes you can! In fact, if you are running a promotion on your existing website – you can simply create a navigation link or button to your Zone landing page and it will do the converting work for you.

In effect, you’ll be creating a powerful¬† ‘Sales Funnel.’

Can I use my office colors?
We’ll work with your logo and office images to make your landing page blend seamlessly with your existing branding.

We’re sticklers for beautiful design.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is the ability of a web page to adapt visually to the device screen size it’s viewed on. Ever try to pinch and zoom a website on your phone that didn’t resize automatically? It’s frustrating!

Since 45% of all your potential new members will come from mobile devices, you surely don’t want to lose them because your site isn’t responsive. The good news – your landing page will be!

Do I need Adwords?

No, you don’t need Adwords to have a landing page. It simply puts your landing page and office in front of more potential clients. If you already have a high listing on Google Maps, you’re probably all set.

If however, your office comes up low on Google Map searches, or your listing dropped altogether, a good Adwords campaign can help greatly – and the cost is nominal considering you will get new patients.

The more impressions your office has in Google’s search engines, the more clicks to your landing page, the more potential conversions and new patients. It’s simply a numbers game.

Got More Questions?

Contact Rob Shaw for more information about getting your Zone Landing Page.


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