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Tell “Dr. G” your concern. He’ll help you understand what is going on, what is imbalanced, how the body restores health, how he can help and how much it will cost before you start any care. Click below to reserve your visit.

Meet St. Louis Chiropractor Dr. Tom Gargiula

If you’re searching for a great ‘chiropractor near me’ or the best ‘chiropractor in St. Louis,’ look no further!

Not only has “Dr. G” been in practice for over 30 years, he has been a patient of chiropractic since he was an infant and chiropractic helped his colic.

Early on, Doc developed a passion for the healing profession of chiropractic and has continued to spend his years seeking out additional methods that lead to deeper levels of healing for his patients.


Who they Help…

Dr. G cares for patients of all ages. You may go because you have aches and pains, or because you want a more natural way to relieve and reverse health problems, or because you wish to maintain the optimal level of health that you possess (this is the main reason we see so many kiddos in our practice!)

Whatever the reason might be that you find yourself in the Windmill practice, you can feel confident knowing you are welcome and we aim to understand how best we can meet you where you are and join you on your health journey.

Zone practitioners see a range of conditions – from muscular and joint related back and neck pains to more complicated neurological issues like migraines, allergies, ear infections, vertigo, digestive problems, sciatica, bed-wetting, disc disease and -yes, colic- and so much more.


Not Like other St. Louis Chiropractors…

Dr. G is certified in a number of chiropractic techniques, the Zone Technique is his specialty and he is the only chiropractor Advance Certified in Zone for the Eastern part of Missouri.

In Dr. G’s thirty plus years of practice, he has been seeing the most remarkable results with the addition of the Zone Technique to his toolkit. Zone is proving to help clients achieve the greatest results in the shortest time possible.


Are they Pushy?

No, not at all – Dr. G and his staff are interested in knowing “What is your number one reason for seeking care?” If you take advantage of the FREE Consultation offer, you can see for yourself – you have nothing to lose and only your health to gain – or reclaim.

The consultation on your first visit is complementary and is completely driven by you communicating with Doc what your most essential desire for care is. We will tell you up front if we can help you or if we are not the best fit.

If during this consultation and discussion you want to proceed with an exam and your first adjustment, that can happen. Dr G will also provide you with his best recommendations for your course of action.

1. Tell Us What’s Wrong,

What hurts? How long has it been there, and how is it affecting your life.

2. See How We Help,

Addressing your spinal health can improve how you feel and function.

3. Start Feeling Better!

Join our family of patients who get great results. Check out our reviews.


• What is Zone Technique?

Zone Technique is a healing art developed by the late Dr. Thurman Fleet of San Antonio, TX. Results are achieved by balancing Six Functional Zones of your body, via adjustments to specific spinal levels that correlate to areas of the brain.

Imbalanced or stressed Zones are brought back into proper communication – essentially setting or restoring your body’s nervous system to optimal states for proper healing and function to take place. Your body innately knows how to heal & perform, sometimes obstacles simply need to be removed so it can do so – this is the aim of Zone Chiropractic.

Dr. G is one of a handful of Chiropractors worldwide, and the only St. Louis Chiropractor who still practices this art. It’s the secret to his getting remarkable results, in the shortest time possible.

• Do You Adjust Children?

Yes! We are family practice and with that comes care for every generation. We deeply believe in a proactive approach.

We value the necessity of having children’s nervous systems assessed and adjusted to ensure that their bodies are functioning at an optimal level and continuing on the healthiest path – their whole life long.

Please be assured adjustments are handled in a specific and gentle fashion for our littlest ones.

• What Happens after the Consultation - Can I Get Adjusted on Day 1?
  • A Chiropractic Consultation with our doctors is Complimentary – no cost, no obligation. If you decide during the consultation that you do want to proceed with your initial Evaluation & first adjustment, this online special fee is $174.

  • So, yesAbsolutely! An adjustment can happen on Day 1. If you decide that you want to proceed with care during the time that you and Dr. G spend discussing the desired goals for care and the results you are seeking, the first visit will progress from the consult to an evaluation and then to an adjustment – why wait to start the healing process?! The total for this nervous system evaluation and first Zone adjustment is $174.

  • At the close of this first visit, Dr. G will provide you with his best recommendations for care, given your specific needs.We are a personal pay practice. Cash, all Major Credit Cards, Flex Spending (FSA cards) or Health Spending Accounts (HSA cards) are accepted. Payment is due at time of service.

  • Payment plans for individuals and families are available. We network with Access Health. This is not an insurance policy but a membership program included in your care recommendations that allows us to legally offer capped fees for services. More information about this program can be provided at your report after we establish that we are a good fit and that we can help you with your health and wellness goals here at Windmill.

• Who Will Work on Me?

There is a whole team at Windmill Wellness dedicated to providing you with the best, “big picture”, essential care.

Dr. G has been in practice since 1994 and is the Certified Zone practitioner that will be meeting with you, discussing your goals and working with you for your physical adjustments. adjustment.

• What is a Visit Like?

The First and Second office visits to our practice typically take 45 minutes to allow for ample time for you and the staff to fully understand the nature of your concerns for care, the expectation for the outcome of your care and the intended path of care. 

After these important first two visits and for more routine visits, you will come into the office, lay down on an open table and relax. Dr. G will assess your nervous system and determine what brain centers (Zones) are activated and out of balance, he will then adjust the corresponding areas along the spine to stimulate your body’s innate healing mechanisms to re-establish balance and harmony within the nervous system.

• Can I Just Walk In?

The simple answer is No. Appointments are required in our practice. We highly value your time and want your experience here to be as efficient, and effective, as possible. That applies especially to our attentiveness for a new patient in our practice.

New patient times are reserved so that you have Dr. G and the Windmill Team’s full focus. We have a convenient scheduling system that can manage alerts for your upcoming visits and two-way text messaging to our main office number that can help keep us all communicating when appointments may need to be rearranged.

• Will I Have to Go Forever?

We understand everyone comes to our practice with differing levels of need and a variety of  goals for care. It is always our desire for you to achieve results as quickly as possible.

Most of our clients recognize that maintaining the state of health that they have recovered -or finally found- on their chiropractic journey, becomes the new standard by which Wellness and optimal health are measured.

Consistent communication between you and our team is the key to your care being guided by your wishes.

How to Get Started…

“We cater to health conscious people who’d rather address the underlying cause of their health problems than mask it with drugs.

If that’s you, then you’ll love our Zone Healing approach. Book a FREE Consult and let’s talk in person. There’s hope I can help you.” – Dr. G

When Your Zones are Balanced...

There are only 6 kinds of disturbances that can affect your body – disturbances in your GLANDULAR, ELIMINATIVE, NERVE, DIGESTIVE, MUSCULAR & CIRCULATORY Zones.

Most conditions can be traced to an imbalance in one or more of these Zones. With Zone Technique, Dr. G will balance your stressed Zones and bring your body back to its normal state of health.

quotes oneYou’ll feel the difference as soon as you get off the table… Book your FREE Consult Today!

Perfect Zone Health

My Town Chiropractor

Tell “Dr. G” your concern. He’ll help you understand what is going on, what is imbalanced, how the body restores health, how he can help and how much it will cost before you start any care. Click below to reserve your visit.

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