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ZONE Adwords Campaign

Be Seen 1st in Local Searches

Getting on top of the first page of search results is the ‘Holy Grail’ of Search Engine Optimization – if you want your practice to be seen first on search engines like Local Google Maps, a Zone Adwords campaign will put you on top of the list.

With a Zone Adwords, your Zone practice will be seen by more people searching on Google for a great healer. Your ads will target only customers in your service area – and you only pay when someone clicks your ad – See It in Action Here

Weed Out the Shoppers

Unlike Facebook ads which mostly attract shoppers, Adwords prospects are actively searching for your services. So when they find your listing, see your reviews and like what you have to offer, the greater the odds they’ll choose your office.

A well designed Zone Adwords campaign, will position your office in front of motivated searchers, looking for a ‘chiropractor near them,’ or a ‘chiropractor in their town.’

Turn More Web Visitors into Zone Patients

If your website is mobile friendly and has a great New Patient offer with a clear call to action (CTA), a Zone Adwords Campaign will certainly drive more traffic to it, or…

We can build a high converting, Zone Landing Page for you – complete with a unique New Patient Promotion, online scheduling, highly visible call to action buttons and most importantly… a responsive design ready to capture leads from all mobile searches.

Love the fact that it’s Zone marketing, created by a Zone chiropractor for Zone practices exclusively!

Nathan Browne, DC

It does exactly what you want your advertising to do… get patients to make appointments in a quick seamless process.

Kerry Goyette, DC

Our Zone Adwords Landing page has been such an easy and effective way to attract quality patients with little work involved.

Nathan Berbereia, DC

I trust Rob Shaw… what he is doing here looks good!

Dr. Peter Goldman

Zone School Founder

Start Your Zone* Campaign Today!

Great prospects, searching for a great chiropractor, deserve to find the best offices.

Make sure your Zone Practice is seen first on Google, so they can experience what you have to offer.

*Exclusive for Zone School Members

The fastest way to get on top of Google…”

I’ve been successfully running Adwords capaigns in my office for over 15 years. Next to referrals, it brings me more New Patients every month than any other marketing program I’ve done.

If you’d like to do the same for your office, and have questions about costs, keyword selection or would like me to evaluate your website first, just complete our contact form and I’ll be glad to help you.

– Dr. Rob Shaw  (video)

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